KB Worlds Cover & Blurb Reveal: COP-OUT by Misty Walker


COP-OUT by Misty Walker
Releasing September 24, 2020

Misty Walker has revealed the cover for Cop-Out, a page turning, emotionally explosive, super  Sexy, contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World project!


I came to Sunnyville broken, battered, and bloody.
I was saved, rescued by an angel wearing a badge and from that point on, I wanted to be just like him.

Flash forward two years and I finally have my opportunity.
But then Topher Harding asks me out on a date.
He’s sexy, he has dimples, and he’s a cop.
One date turns into five turns into me thinking this guy might be my forever.
Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan.

This is my life and I refuse to let anyone, or anything stand in my way.
Especially a sexy, dimpled cop who thinks I need a hero.

From the second the new dispatcher walked into the station, I wanted her.
She’s smart, quick thinking, and on a scale of one to ten, her body is a fifteen.
For the first time in my life, I want to stop adding notches to my bedpost and buy a new bed.
One I can share with Liv for the rest of my life.

After everything she has been through, I need to make sure nothing and no one can touch her again.
Then I find out she’s been keeping a secret that I can’t get over.
So, I let her walk out of my life.

Now she’s back with a shiny new badge of her own.
And being the department’s Field Training Officer, she’s put under my wing.

She still doesn’t need a hero.
But she does need me.
And I’ll prove it to her.

Cover Design: K. Webster
Cover Photo: Pat Lasgo of https://www.pick-your-pic.com

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