KB Worlds COVER & BLURB REVEAL: PLAYED by Roux Cantrell

Roux Cantrell’s Played is a exhilarating fast paced ride, a sexy, emotional, contemporary romance written in K.Bromberg’s Driven Worlds project. 




River Wile lives by her own set of rules, after spending the past seven years trying to move forward after suffering the loss of her brother, now the prize is in her reach.

Johnny “Riot” Meniere tried hiding from his feelings of quilt, shame, and loss, it caused him to hit rock bottom. Now, he’s fighting to find himself again and River is one of the things he wants back.

She followed her dreams to survive, he turned to another woman and whiskey. When they run into each other again during a race sparks fly on and off the track.

 Cover Design: Susie Poole Anderson @ Poole publishing

✶ Goodreads:   https://bit.ly/2VzwSDp

✶ Instagram: @Rouxcantrell


KB Worlds Info

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