KB Worlds COVER & BLURB REVEAL: Worthless by J. Grayland

J.Grayland’s Worthless is an emotionally charged contemporary romance

written in K.Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes Worlds Project.



Jaxon Cane is a charismatic fire fighter from Australia. After his mum passes away, his sister, Molly, suggests that he take a break and come live with her and her husband, Caleb for a while in Sunnyville, California US.

When Jaxon starts his job at the local fire station 13 he fits right in with the guys until one night when he’s dispatched to a car accident and consequently suffers a minor burn. He is taken to the local hospital where he meets hospice nurse, Ella Grey, a sassy and caring but undoubtedly guarded woman whom he falls for almost instantly.

In his pursuit of this enigmatic carer, he realizes that capturing her heart might be more complex than he first thought, for even though Ella seems confident and self-assured, she is yet to see her own self-worth.

Cover Design: Addendum Designs 

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