THE AGREEMENT by L. Steele: Blog Tour, Excerpt & Teasers

He’s my brother’s best friend

And now my fake husband…

The Agreement, an all-new angst and banter-filled fake relationship romance from bestselling author L. Steele is available now!

Cade ‘the King’ Kingston, billionaire grumphole and the most sought-after sportsperson on the continent.

He’s also London’s most notorious bachelor with a ten-pack and a profile that would make Adonis weep.

Too bad he’s ruthless, has a heart made of ice and is the most unfeeling brute I have ever met.

When my brother asks him to look out for me while he’s away, Cade engages me as his new Communications Manager.

Now he’s my boss, I definitely don’t want to get involved with him.

But I’ve harbored a secret crush on Cade, and when we start working together in close proximity, my feelings for him multiply.

When a stalker targets me, Cade proposes a fake marriage for my protection.

But he has secrets of his own…

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I pull off my earphones, then deposit them, along with my phone, into my bag. It’s another ten minutes before I get off at my stop, then head out through the ticket barriers. I step out into the cool evening air. It’s only September, but already, the nights are getting shorter. It’s only nine p.m. though, so it’s not too late. I head up the sidewalk, then turn onto my street when there’s a tug on my bag. My purse is torn from my hand, and I see a man running away. And he has my bag. He. Has. My. Bag. I open my mouth to call for help, but nothing comes out. My brain cells seem to short-circuit all at once. I need to say something, do something, but what? OMG. OMG. OMG. I—

“The fuck? Are you okay?” A deep, dark voice, as velvety as Shane East’s, as rough, as filled with dark chocolate and laced with notes of coffee and cream, wraps around me. My limbs tremble, but this time, not from fear.

That’s not Shane East’s voice. Hell, I’ve never met Shane East. But this man? I know him. In fact, his is the only voice I know more intimately than Shane East’s. The voice that’s filled my dreams and fueled lust-filled images in my mind. I draw in a breath and the scent of cardamon and mint, with a dash of musk and everything sinful fills my lungs.

My belly quivers. My pulse booms at my wrists, at my temples, behind my eyeballs. Not him. Surely, not him. I glance up and up. I tilt my head all the way back to meet the blue gaze of the man looming over me. No, not blue. Not completely blue. His one iris is blue, the other gray. Heterochromatic. He has mis-matched eyes, the kind that can see right through you. The kind that can reduce you to a mass of quivering jelly. The kind that have always swept through the hidden parts of me and known just how to make me feel like I’m unmoored, unstrung, unanchored. The gaze that drags me back to my teenaged years.

“Are you okay, Abby?” he snaps.

“You… ”I blink. “What are you doing here?”

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